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Misc. World Notes


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I have had these notes for quite a while, now, and have no idea as to there value or why I even purchased them.

Possibly because it seemed like a good idea at the time :ninja:

I am not a big collector of world notes, mainly Australian items, so any info on them would help.


The first is a Russian note, purchased from a flea market.




The next is a sheet of 4 USA $2 starnotes.




Any info, links, grades,value etc would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

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The first note is from Russia and looks like 3 Rubles from 1905 and signed by Shipov. VG= $0.25, VF= $0.50, UNC= $1.50


The 4 note set of 1976 $2 bills, I guess would go for $20-40. I don't collect US notes so I don't keep up with value on them.

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Thanks, Brett, appreciate the imput.

A couple more as well.

1898 Russian note.



A couple of Cuban Specimen notes.






Looking for approximate values, I only have them valued at what I purchased them for a few years ago, and have no idea of current prices.

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The Cuba notes in the catalog lists them for 1 Peso at $6 UNC and the 3 Pesos at $5 UNC, but being specimen notes they may go for a few dollars more if someone is seeking them out.


The Russian note is $0.50 in VG, $2 in VF and $4 in UNC

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