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Q. about World-Wide Coins auction results


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Julian, can you post it to this mail address:




Thanks in advance

Whoops! I looked up the 1852 BM piece, which I sent. Some days are

like that! It turns out that I do not have an 1853 BM 2 kopecks illustration.


Oddly enough, the Grand Duke made a similar mistake in the Corpus. He

lists only the EM copper coinage for 1852, not the BM.



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Yes. I have the illustration from Ekaterina 26. I am not presently set up to

post pictures to the newsgroup but could send you the jpeg privately if you

send me an e-mail address via PM.


There are some slight differences between the BM and EM coinages of that

year, which is to be expected as each mint had its own hubs for making dies.




Mr.RW Julian,

I have check the Ekaterina 26. BM listed only 5,3,1 kopecks and denegka .

1853 2 kopecks BM not listed in the catalog.


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