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Agustus St Gaudens


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I just got back from a movie about Agustus St Gaudens presented by NH Public Television, Q. David Bowers, & David Sundman of Littleton Coin Co. It was shown at a local museum in Wolfeboro, NH. And it was advertised in Coinworld. And it was free!!!


It was an amazing movie about all the sculptures that he made and briefly touched about the coins he designed. The Shaw memorial is an awesome piece i would love to see sometime. I may have to make a trip over to Cornish, NH to see the St Gaudens Historical site.



I got to meet both David Bowers and David Sundman. And it was a fun evening. I took my son and one of our foster children.


We were given hardcover editions of the 2009 Redbook & a book titled "Striking Coinage" by Michael Moran. So all in all we had a good time and got to meet a few fellow collectors.

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I forgot to add that NH Public TV will be airing it this weekend. And PBS will be picking it up and airing at some point in the future. And David Sundman also brought some coins as examples. One of them was a NGC MS66 1907 High Relief $20 Wire Rim and it was beautiful.

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