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1791 VoC Duit

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Your duit bears the crowned arms of the province of Gelderland and the legends "IN DEO EST SPES NOSTRA", "Our hope is in the Lord", the motto of Gelderland.

Prior to the annexation of the Netherlands by France in 1795, coins for the Netherlands (and also for the VOC) were issued by the separate provinces.

The mintmark on your coin is a ear of corn, the mintmark of mintmaster Martin Hendrik Lohse (mm. 1782-1809).

VOC stands for "Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie" or (Dutch) United East India Company.

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Nice duit in better than average condition, easly VF and possibly higher.

The Gelderland issues are pretty hard to come by in higher grades, I have a 1788 in AU53 and that was a find.


Don't quote me, but your coin is probably worth between $30-$40 without the verdigris. Maybe $25 with.


Nice duit. :ninja:

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