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Fake 1859 commemorative rouble


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Hello everyone!


I just received an user's comment at Omnicoin saying this

rouble is a fake. Quote:"Comment: This coin appears to be a fake. Compare to illustration in Julian. Sideburn different, horse's tail angle different, etc. "

What's your opinion guys?







I hope Mr. Julian gets a chance to look at your coin. Although there are some differences between your coin and the illustration in his book, he does mention that there is another variety of this coin with slightly higher relief. Also, it appears to me that the photo you are showing has a bit of distortion, especially of the reverse. It seems wider than high, making the equestrian statue look a bit spread out and changing the proportions, thus the angle of the tail.

You have the original coin. Take another look, and see if what I am seeing makes any sense.

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