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Iberoamerica "Traditional Dances"

El Buitre

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i'm interessted in the coins of Iberoamerica with the theme "Traditional Dances" like:


Argentina 25 Pesos 1997 "Samba" Proof

Bolivia 10 Bolivanos 1997 "La Diablada" Proof

Paraguay 1 Guarami 1997 "Baile del Cantaro" Proof

Peru 1 Nuevo Sol 1997 "Danza de las Tijeras de Ayacucho" Proof

Uruguay 250 Pesos 1997 "Dance of the Gauchos" Proof

Mexico 5 Pesos 1997 "Jarabe Tapatio" Proof

Ecuador 500 Sucres 1997 "3 Dancer präcolumbian style" Proof

Kuba 10 Pesos 1997 "Rumba" Proof

Guatemala 1 Quetzal 1997 "Baile del Son" Proof

Nicaragua 5 Cordobas 1997 "Mestizaje" Proof


Who has photos of these coins for me?



El Buitre

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i'm interessted in the coins of Iberoamerica with the theme "Traditional Dances"

Don't have any of these but here is an overview, with images that are kind of small but OK for viewing:



Guess you could also try the mints/central banks involved. The Mexican coin from the 1997 series, for example, is described and depicted here:

http://www.banxico.com.mx/portalesEspecial...amPlata.html#03 (III Serie: "Jarabe Tapatío")



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