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Kentucky Colonial Cent PCGS AU55

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I have been resisting that colonial for a couple of years now. You are not helping by posting one here. I simply do not need to start a new collecting theme now.


(Damn, I like the Kentucky piece and there are several edge varieties making it even more interesting in its history, relationship to British tokens and mints, etc.)

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A little background for anyone who cares: the Kentucky cent wasn't made in Kentucky, and has nothing specifically to do with Kentucky. Its name derives from the fact that the first star on the reverse has a "K" for Kentucky on it. (Each of the 15 stars has the abbreviation of one of the states in existence at the time on it). Its technically not a colonial, but a post-colonial issue.

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It actually has very little to do with the US. It was a political opinion token issed for general circulation in Lancashire England by someone who agreed with the US independance, and who was possibly also a supporter of the french revolution as well. (at least the early years) They were never intended to circulate here and probably very few of them, if any, ever did.

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