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need info


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I hope people don't assume that I'm a rich idiot if I post a photo of a gold coin that I own/am proud of.

After I finish putting both kids through college I'll probably be left with a cardboard box as a home.


Back on topic.


Both coins are Spanish, gold and in very nice condition. I owned one Spanish gold coin but it turned out to be a fake.

Fortunately the seller refunded my money and since then I avoid Spanish gold. Once bitten, twice shy... :ninja:


Oh, and welcome to CP forum unkaster.

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As to your coins if real worth a lot, if fake, still worth something due to great detail.

I would think we should get a little more information such as where did you get them? Did you pay for them? If so, how much? Is there any information that came with those? Did you get them from a reputable person? Larger pictures would be nice too.

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Thanks for your time guys. I'm not feeling rich because I don't know anything about coins :ninja:. My brother just told me: "look, a friend of mine has this coins and he wants to sell them, will you find me some info about them?" That's all, but thanks, I'm glad you gave me some info.

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If they are really genuine, they should be quite worth quite a fair bit although I don't know much about Spanish coins. You should watch out though, there are quite a lot of convincing fakes but I don't see a problem with them yet.


You should take them to a coin dealer to have his opinion. Don't be afraid to show them to several different dealers and ask for second opinions. Welcome to coinpeople by the way. :ninja:

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