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Dominican Republic 200 Pesos Oro 2007

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Front: Mirabal sisters - Patria Mercedes (1924-1960), Maria Argentina Minerva (1926-1960), Antonia María Teresa (1935-1960), anti-Trujillo activists


The four Mirabals sisters grew up in Salcedo, Dominican Republic during the era of the dictator Rafael Trujillo. Three

of the sisters were assassinated by the dictator in 1960 for their involvement in efforts to overthrow the fascist government. The surviving sister, Bélgica (more commonly known as Dedé), lives in Salcedo, tending the museum in Ojo de Agua that commemorates her sisters. The Mirabal sisters, now national heroines of the Dominican Republic, have been immortalized in poem, fiction, art, and even with an international day dedicated to them.


Back: The Mirabal sisters monument


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