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50 pennia finland-russia


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hello was just curious about the value of that coin ( 50 pennia 1917 )and 25 pennia ( 1917)

i guess you have all the knowledge to help me..

thanks for attention



Hello dorian and welcome ;) !


Though the picture is somewhat small, it looks like a very nice sample. :ninja:


Not that it makes a significant difference, in terms of monetary value, you should know that there were two types issued with the date 1917. On the obverse (you have the 'reverse' pictured) there is a two-headed eagle. On the first type there is a crown -the imperial crown. Type two does not have a crown, and that is so because the Provisional Government assumed power in Russia after the fall of the Romanov Dynasty.


Neither coin (for both denominations) is rare or that uncommon (the type 2 for the 50 penniä has the lowest mintage). A nice unc sample is probably around the €3-4 range, if not a bit more. Not that I have read any study about how this relates to coins, but the history of that year was not a good one. Because of the war, trade and the economy were not ...err... optimal and thus most of the coins of that year (and the other war years) never saw much if any circulation and were most likely hoarded. Thus, coins of that year are often found in decent condition. Hope that helps. Nice coin nonetheless! ;)

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