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Pirated catalogues on ebay


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Everyone, please report this seller:




For the same price, you can buy the original books for some of them. ;)



This is what I got today when I tried to report the seller:






Was the store taken off ebay? :ninja:

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I'm surprised by the apparently uncharacteristic speed and decisiveness with which ebay acted in this case.


I wonder if someone alerted Krause (or one of the other publishers) who might then have had their lawyers contact ebay and explain ebay's legal vulnerability to them? Maybe the "we're just a venue" line might not have worked in this instance? :ninja:

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In the past, I have notified Krause publications when I found their catalogs pirated on ebay. I don't recall ever getting an email back from them, though, so I don't know if they did anything.



I can't imagine who might be more interested in preventing the piracy of their publications than they would be.

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