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Variety on a 1852?

Mark Stilson

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I think your coin is an N-10, with a rarity of 2+


I can't see for sure, but there appear to be horizontal, raised lines extending right of the N in ONE. If that is true, then I'm confident of N-10. Also, I can't see it from the photo, but there should be a small elongate lump to the right of Y in LIBERTY.


(source: The Die Varieties of US Large Cents 1840-1857 by J. Grellman)


I have never had much luck online with large cents. Here are two sites that are of some, limited use for die variety searches:





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Thank you for looking. The markers aren't there. I'll probably have to end up biting the bullet and getting a few of the large cent books. I've got a small group of large cents I really would like to ID any ways.

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Some are easier than others, if you have any repunching of the date its fairly easy to attribute. The other markers are hit and miss at grades VF and lower. I've done most of mine (grades VF to AU), some were tough. I suggest Grellman's book, fortunately it is easy to use as there are hardly any others out there for Braided hair type cents. For earlier large cents there are a number of references.

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