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186- Centesimi


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This is a coin I found in a junk bin at the coin dealer.

I think I felt sorry for it being so beat up and all that I chose it before actually checking it over.

Much to my surprise, it is the oldest coin in my collection, so far.


Looks like I will have to post the reverse side in a second place.


I'll be right back.



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(((Cool find, Corky!)))


I am only guessing what year the coin was minted, but I see an M mintmark? at the bottom of the reverse. Does that help to date the coin a little more precisely than guessing it is 1865?


I had no idea who he was, except Italian, until I went online and found a page about him here and there and discovered he was the first King of Italy.

Coins, history, coins, history... all go hand in hand. Now, if they had taught me that in school then maybe I would have listened and learned something. :ninja:


Thanks deadpoint for the kudos on the coin.


I have a couple other coins I will photograph to add to my 'world collection' then post here.



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