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trial strike, essai, pattern and specimen


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Hello collectors,



I need help with Krause term essai and pattern, explanation and differences??



What the hell is a trial strike?? Is it something about probing the desing in a planchet and study if minor imperfections arise before striking million of coins???



Canada mint is making Specimen quality coins??? Whats that???



And finally problem with the Uk mint term BU. I don't know but I've heard the royal british mint has a process to make the coins more perfect in their BU mint sets than te business strikes.



Need help to translate in spanish for the FNMT and make a glosary in 3 languages. Im not recieving any money just helping a Canadian translator.


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I think an essay is a coin struck to test the effect of minting on a metal. Maybe I'm thinking of an assay.


And a pattern is a coin with design features (inscriptions, images, or even the coin's metal) varied to see which looks/mints best.


Welcome BACK to CP!

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At the bottom of the first refernce is a list made in Germany for all of the world

However they miss MS which is equivalent to Bankfrisch or MS 60 or better




Here is somebody who does not know what to do with FDC ( which should be MS65 or better) bottom of page again

BU is MS63 or better ( = Choice uncirculated )




Essai is a trial strike

Two instances come to mind

You got 5 possible designs like the first lucky angel design and you teststrike the five finalists for the jury and only the lucky angel made it in production


Second you want a trial of your die on a material that will not damage the die like lead eg


However there is a lot of coins and medals out there with the words essai on them and put in plastic with a certificate and to me those

are just ways of selling some at a higher price

I got 4 essais


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