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Condor tokens.... are these real?


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The top one looks odd, quite crude writing and the second one, well the elephant looks different as does the horses head.





(P.S. Images from: http://www.napoleonicmedals.org/coins/dh238.htm)

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Yes, these are authentic but not Condor tokens, named after a James Conder who was the first to catalogue them back in the 19th Century. He was originally a draper from Ipswich and did not just collect and study them but also issued some of his own. The conders were a type of copper trade token first made in the late 18th-Century which were borne out of the persistent shortage of copper the government suffered from and the expensive price of buying it from other nations with larger reserves. Certain metal companies, however, had their own private supplies and were allowed to produce their own tokens which also promoted their own businesses.


**Oh sorry, I never noticed you were asking if they were genuine examples - about that, I cannot say. I thought you meant are Conders real! :ninja:

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