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1586 Taler


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My newest coin, long story short I used to own one, it was stolen, now I own one again! Woot!


Albertine Line, 1586, Germany-Saxony.




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I did indeed, it was a very easy transaction, and the sellers English is quite good. Although I had to translate some emails from the website itself, with a little help from Google I was set. Thanks again for that link Drusus, I recommend them.

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Stolen? Haha... I kinda know what that means. I well had my entire collection riped-off once. I was going to quit the hobby, but then I sort of fell on some great deals and... Well, you know I sort of got hooked again. I think there should be a post completely dedicated to sharing tips on how to prevent theft.

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Here are some other coins along the same style. I don't know a lot about these old coins, but I think these are all from the same family line, at least according to the site Drusus listed. There are dozens of other Taler/Thaler designs during this time period, all great, crude, and hand punched; it's hard to find coins made like this. I wonder how big a double taler is?








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