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Sealed silver coin... should I open it?


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I just got a nice new '72 Manx crown which is apparently Silver. It came in a presentation box, but the coin itself is also sealed in a separate plastic bag.


My question is... should I open it?


In reality I actually got it for quite a bit under scrap value, so it seems that it's not exactly "in demand" as a coin anyway. I have capsules that I could place it in (though it would not fit in its box with a capsule on).


Anyone have any input?


I have just noticed that the plastic bag has "CANADIAN" melted into the seal, any idea why this would be?


I'm a n00b I know :ninja:

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Sorry, I can't answer your Canadian Seal question. :ninja:


As to the should I/shouldn't I, it's entirely up to you mate! ;)


Nice capsules by the way!! ;)





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