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Ideas for 2010 commemoratives


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I saw this the other day and submitted three ideas (Linkage)


The Royal Mint is currently looking at what themes will be suitable to appear on the United Kingdom commemorative coins for 2010, i.e. the £5 coin, the £2 coin and the 50p piece.


Part of this process is to understand what our customers would like to see commemorated on these 2010 issues. The Royal Mint welcomes, and values, any suggestions you may have.


So did anyone have any good ideas? I sugested..


"2010 Competition of the International Space Station" not British at all, but it's worth a try ;)


"1980 30 years of home computing" bid of an odd period, but thought it could make for some interesting design ideas :ninja:


"1910 Charles Stewart Rolls, Pioneer aviator, first double flight of Channel, first British Aviation Death, co-founder of the Rolls-Royce." bit more realistic, and I think a worthy cause.


Anyone have any other intresting ideas? I figure if we can find a few good ones we can do a little bit of tailored suggestive spam ;)

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