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Beautiful Wheat Cent Set for Sale need help fast

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I Have a father-inlaw who needs surgery in the pilippines and I need

to sell my wheat cent collection. I've been working on it for last 20 years. Its

only missing 4 coins, it has all the semi-keys and 1 major key the

1914D in VG+. Many of the Semi-keys are fine or better and the set

has lots of Ms-60+ coins in it. The High-lites are 1909vdb in high

Ms-60s brown tone with blue toning around the edges. Same type of

toning on the 1928 and 1929 both are ms-60 or better. The 1910s is

fine+, 1911s fine, 1913s vg+, 1914s vg+, 1915s fine, 1920 Ms60+,

1922D VF, 1924D VF. In BU Ms-60 red is 1929s, 1930, 1930d, 1931,

1931d, 1934, 1937, 1937d, 1939d, 1940s, 1941d, 1942, 1942s, 1943d,

1944, 1944d, 1944s, 1945, 1945s, 1946d, 1949d, 1950d, 1953, 1954d,

1955, 1955d, 1955s, 1956d, 1957, 1957d, 1958, 1958d. Also everything

from 1941 and up is ms60 or better All coins are in very nice Dansco

Albums. Will also throw in my 1959 to 1995 BU red cent collection.

What I am asking for is 600.00 plus 12.00 for shipping and insurance

and must be payed by paypal only.


Also have a Indain Head Cent Collection for sale dates are


1859, 1860, 1862, 1863, 1864, 1865, 1874, 1879 to 1909 need 100.00

plus 6.00 postage and insurance.

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