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Where is the best place to buy Silver bullion?

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Where is the best place to buy Silver bullion? Preferably in Europe. Is there anything specific I should look for? Also is Sterling Silver a worthwhile investment?

Now that is the one question everyone wants to know. As an investment I think it may be to late. Maybe not, but the price of Silver may well take a dive real soon. Of course so many said that about oil when it was almost $60 a barrel. It could never, ever go higher than that. Silver just can't go any higher either, right? If anyone could answer your question for real, they wouldn't be here. They'd be sitting in a tropical island having native girls fan them with palm leaves while they sipped on a Martini. :ninja:

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Haha true! :ninja:


I was more looking for recommendations on reliable companies who don't charge excessive shipping costs and stuff. I know I'll be paying over the odds for it anyway but of the few companies I have found myself they also bundle on an excessive amount for shipping. I do know of someone selling a small quantity of sterling silver in a nearby town, but not sure if its worth going for.

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Why wouldn't sterling be worthwhile?


People spend all day hunting for 40% Kennedy Half Dollars :ninja:


Not sure of the best place to buy. I hear good things about Kitco and they charge like $2.50 over spot but unsure about UK. Anyways it will go back down how far I'm not sure. It was in the low $16 range a few weeks ago and now stable at just under $18. I was going to buy a few bars at $16.27 but I was waiting for it to hit $15.50ish and it never did - lol.

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