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Fun With Frankies


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I like the Franklin half series and have a complete circulated date and mm set in a Dansco. I also have a proof or two and a nice MS example for my US Half type set. Recently I picked up this one as I have been wanting an example for a long time and finally got around to acquiring one.




This one is slabbed by ANACS as a 64 and I'm ok with that grade although I am sure not everyone would agree - but more to the point, you can see that this one has a "Bugs Bunny" attribution. Now, if you collect Franklins, I'm sure you know about these, if not, you may find it interesting.



The attribution refers to the unusual jagged edges around the mouth, giving the appearance of buck teeth. Hence, the reference to one of my favorite lagomorphs.



The Bugs Bunny effect occured because of clashed dies. Consider an obverse and reverse die coming together to strike a planchet to mint the coin. But sometimes the planchet is not there - maybe because of a misfeed. In that case, the dies smash together and, if it happens often enough, one die will score the other. That is, an impression from one die will appear on the other. When coins are minted with these "clashed" dies, the impression resulting from the clash shows up on the coin. Digital image manipulation makes this easy to illustrate.


Consider the obverse - I have circled in red the area of clashing.



Here is the reverse, and again, I will circle the area that was the source of the clash.



Now we have to flip the image (and remember, Franklins have coin alignment, not medal alignment - click HERE to see the difference). Also, on this image I will draw red lines over the "teeth" of the clash. Oh yeah, one more thing - I will make it almost completely transparent - just a ghost, but you should still be able to see the red lines.



Finally, I am going to combine the obverse image with the ghost reverse image by overlaying them (and remember die alignment is never perfect). Now you can see how the clash area from the reverse lines up on the obverse...and *that's* how Ben got buck teeth!



That's All Folks!!


(you knew that was coming :ninja:

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