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Russian Tsar and Britain


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Hi all,


While I was doing my little research about the Tsar Era I have found a picture of someone that is not from the Romanov dinesty but he look like a twin brother of the last tsar.


They look alike and if you look only on the faces (not the uniform) you can't say who is who :ninja:


I know that they were cousins.


Everytime I'm learning new things - at the beginning when I started to collect coins from Russia I have seen the Nick-II coins and thought to myself why they remind me of another coin that I have seen before! Now I know why! ;)







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The Royalty of Europe during that era was intermarried and in-bread like lab mice.

I suggest reading "Nicholas and Alexandra" by Robert Massie for the full story, as it is too broad a historical topic for this forum.


Your are just brushing the tip of the iceberg on Russian History. Have fun learning... :ninja:

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yes, they are first cousins, and George was from the German House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha...as said above, much of the royalty are related somehow ;) All except the Habsburgs who only married their direct relatives creating unfortunate inbred disasters like Charles II (the bewitched) of Spain:






^^ 15,000 USD for that coin of inbred Chuck 2, last of the Habsburgs of Spain :ninja:


Charles was known as El Hechizado or (the bewitched) and he possessed the most pronounced case of the Hapsburg jaw said to be so deformed that he was unable to chew. He was also mentally retarded, plagued with a long list of illnesses, and impotent. Charles' immediate family was populated with nieces giving birth to children of their uncles. Charles' mother was the niece of Charles' father. Thus the Empress Maria Anna was both his aunt and grandmother. He was descended from his great-great-great grandmother, Joanna the Mad, mother of the Spanish King Charles I who became completely insane early in life, a total of 14 times.


His tongue was so large that his speech could barely be understood, and he frequently drooled. He may also have suffered from the bone disease acromegaly. He was treated as virtually an infant in arms until he was ten years old. Fearing the frail child would be overtaxed, he was left entirely uneducated, and his indolence was indulged to such an extent that he was not even expected to be clean. When his half-brother John of Austria the Younger, a natural son of Philip IV, obtained power by exiling the queen mother from court, he insisted that at least the king's hair should be combed.



^^ the most inbred family tree ever.


They look alike for sure:




can you tell them apart ? ;)

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