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Where are the new designs.... HERE THEY ARE!!!!!!!!

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If the branch is medium to large in size you may need to go to the business desks, but if I where you I would have given THEM a weird look! They're a bank!! :ninja:


I don't think it is common however to find sealed bags of new coins. I have only ever been given bags which have circulated and then been sorted in branch.

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Delta's right! Although it has been noted that the Halifax is particular about not exchanging notes for change (or vice versa) and when they do they have to put it through your account. It is standard practice even at smaller branches. Ditto Natwest.


HSBC on the other hand (especially the smaller branches) you can walk in and change money over the desk the old fashioned way without needing an account, they'll just take the notes and way out your change. Whether the big city branches will do this is another matter!


I do know that the new coins arrive in rolls rather than in bags (or at least they used to). How to get hold of them is anyone's guess, i did once see a shop worker at WHSmiths open several rolls of shiny pennies and deposit them in the till (this was in Manchester Piccadilly station). So they do exist!

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post office did sell £2 before 1997 if i remember


and not a new coin but i found something exciting...

1992 Dot to Dot 10P (ob 2 rev 1)

0.5-1% of 1,413,455,170 minted, and its still got lustre :ninja: (i know its around 7-14 odd million but still lol)

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I hadn't seen or heard about this new design until a friend from Sheffield came to visit me last week. He's not a collector but knows I am. I asked for a favor (for any of the bridge series pounds) and he brought those and a couple of other pounds. Worn and circulated, but then again beggars can't be choosers. :ninja: I showed him my collection, and afterwards we got to talking more about coins. Then he gave me the only coin of the new series he happened to have with him: the 20 pence. I kinda like it.

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