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Wrong planchet, .900 GOLD 2008 Monroe Dollars

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Edmund. C. Moy, director of the U.S. mint, released a press statement in regards to gold .900 Monroe dollars being released into circulation. Apparently, 219 of the "golden" dollars were accidentally shipped.


Easily detectable by color and especially by weight.


The press release goes on to say "These coins are not legal tender. They are illegal to own and must - under law - be returned to the United States Mint."












































April Fools

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Dude, I really did find some! I'm rich!!!































No, seriously, I did.

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Yeah, my prank was pretty weak but it was 3am and i wanted to be the first :ninja:


Happy hunting.


Ya got me!

Of course, I am a rube so that isn't much of a challange.


"Extended warrenty? I can't lose!"

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