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1871 Amadeo I 5 Pesetas


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Hello all,

Can you all help me. I have an 1871 Amadeo I 5 pesetas coin that looks like it is a proof coin. Did they make any proof 1871 coins

In the stars either side of the date is 18-71 and the makers mark S.D. Can anyone tell me anything about this and how I can authenticate it or not.

On the edge is written something like Liberty with some starts then some other word. Any help would be appreciated. :ninja:


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For me is a fake.

Its a cast copy its has little holes of bubbles during casting that exploted and left minor holes on the coin surface.

It has odd look, it look as a proof, and the lion on the coat of arms is perfect and the denticle son the rim have wear.

strange diferences in coin wear are suspicious. You must see just wear on the highest points of the coin.

Its completely odd.


Well I don't know how it can be a cast copy and have that frosty luster finish. ODD



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