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The Russian Federation Series


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Hi all,


I collect coins from Russia including circulation coins and Commemorative coins

Until now I have known that there were 1 and 3 and 5 CoperNickel Commemorative coins and also 2 and 10 roubles (bimetalic coin), Since the 2 roubles and 10 roubles coins were and still are in circulation are they also called Commemorative coins?


I know that there are 10 BM coins still in production and the Bank of Russia produce each year some coins. about the 2 Roubles I havn't seen more productions, Is there any reason why? or maybe I missed some of the 2 Roubles productionm and they still producing 2 roubles (not the regular) in Bank of Russia?


Can someone tell me how many 2 roubles coins ("Commemorative") are there? and How many 10 Bi Metalic Roubles Commemorative are there also?

The 2 Rouble have a regular circulation coin as you can see here:



What is the regular circulation coin of 10 Rouble?


Last Question ;) (topic)

The Bank of Russia have a series called:The Russian Federation Series being Russia a Fedretion itself what does it mean The Russian Federation , I know of Russia being devided into regions (Federal regions) Can one call a federal region a federation? or maybe the series is about the regions and since they are in Russia the series called The Russian Federation Series. If thats true - they can call all the series The Russian Federation Series - since all coins are dealing with Russia itself ;)

I have just wanted to arrange my coins with a good reference with information about the coins and the subject on each one of them, Since I didn't understand the meaning of the series name :ninja: I have asked the question above. (Should I collect 10 Roubles Coins by series?)


Any help on any of my questions would help me alot

Thank you all in advanced


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Hi TQ, most of the mintage figures of the commemorative rubles are actually in the Central Bank of Russia. It's indeed strange why commemorative coins of 1 ruble and 2 rubles were made from 1999 to 2001 and why there were no 5 ruble commemorative coins :ninja: Might be something that was going on in the mints at that time. I'm sure you have seen my site here: http://www.gxseries.com/numis/rus_new_type/1992_2007.htm I'm just missing a few more coins and that's it.

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