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Thai coin - what is it?


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well from what i can make out the year seems to be from 1971...and the coin is 20 something ;) ..mind me my thai numbers deciphering is a bit bumpy these days and couldnt see the year clearly...got 2514 - 543 = 1971 ;) hope this helps ;) and nice coin btw :ninja: but again dont take my word for the year .... if you can take a closer pic of the year that will help ;) its on the right side on the reverse..cant make out the 2nd and 4th number

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KM#309, 20 baht, BE2538 (1995), cu-ni, mintage 800,000 + unspecified number of proofs, commemorating the September 2 80th anniversary of the Department of Revenue.


The bespectacled gentlemen is, of course, King Rama IX. Krause does not identify the other bust, but presumably it's the Thai equivalent of the Secretary of the Treasury or the head of their Internal Revenue Service. It's listed at $3.50 Unc in the 2008 20th Century Krause. If I can locate any information on the other person pictured, I'll post it.

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