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Interesting metal prices in circulating coins


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Just did a simple calculation for US and Australian coins for metal prices since there are arguments over what are the costs. P.s people in the US, since I am not well versed in the old Imperial system, when you are talking about tonnes to lbs, is 1 tonne = 2204 lbs? I'm getting a bit confused over long ton, short ton. :ninja:


Anyways here are the images:


Australian coinage



US coinage



Might be a matter of time when Australia will replace their coinages.


Of course, this does NOT include the price of mixing the metals into the alloys, transportation, etc. Quite hard to make a profit eh.

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The US doesn't really use "long ton" except for displacement purposes. But a long ton is 2204 lbs


We mainly use "short ton" which is 2000 lbs which is what most Americans know as just "ton"

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