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I had a complete set of slabbed Franklins till I sold 2 recently, so here are the remaining ones for sale:


1948 ICG MS-63FBL $35

1948-D PCGS MS-64FBL $50

1949 ICG MS-63FBL $60

1949-D ICG MS-63FBL $75

1949-S PCGS MS-65 SOLD

1950 NGC MS-64FBL $85

1950-D PCGS MS-64FBL $115

1951 PCGS MS-65 $75

1951-D NGC MS-64FBL $90

1951-S NGC MS-65 SOLD

1952 PCGS MS-64FBL $60

1952-D ICG MS-63FBL $35

1952-S NGC MS-65 $100

1953 NGC MS-65 $135

1953-D PCGS MS-64FBL $50

1953-S NGC MS-65 $75

1954 PCGS MS-64FBL $40

1954-D PCGS MS-64FBL $40

1954-S PCGS MS-65 $50

1955 ICG MS-64 SOLD

1956 PCGS MS-64FBL (OGH) $40

1957-D PCGS MS-64FBL $30

1958 ICG MS-64 $20

1958-D PCGS MS-64FBL $30

1959 NGC MS-65 $85

1959-D PCGS MS-64FBL $30

1960 PCGS MS-64FBL $40

1960-D PCGS MS-64FBL $55

1961 NGC MS-63W $20

1961-D NGC MS-65 $150

1962 NGC MS-63 $20


1963-D PCGS MS-64FBL $30



1963 NGC PR-66CAM $50


Photos are available on request. I accept checks, paypal and gold or silver bullion in payment. If you are interested, please PM or e-mail me at jtryka@yahoo.com. Thanks!

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Hi jtryka,


A couple days ago I won these BF Halves; 48p ICG MS-63 FBL, 53d PCGS MS-64 FBL, and the 61p NGC MS-63W, from your auction.

If you have any of the ones I need remaining after the first part of May, (I spent my entire allowance on coins this month) then I will likely be getting a few of those.


Good luck on the auction.



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