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2003 €5

Sir Sisu

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Designer: Pertti Mäkinen

Bimetallic Gn/Cu-Ni, 35mm, 20.2g

Mintage BU 150,000



Obverse: The line and form represent the ice and puck movement. The three hockey sticks symbolize the 3 cities in which the games were held: Helsinki, Tampere, Turku.

Reverse: The lake and trees detail the Finnish landscape. The three trees repeat the symbolism of the obverse.

Edge: Plain



Commemorates the World Ice Hockey Championships held in Finland in 2003. Ice Hockey is the unofficial national team sport in Finland. This coin, unlike the silver euro commemoratives, was issued at face value. As there was an expectation of a high demand for these, those that wished to receive one had to apply for it. Subsequently because there were more applicants than coins minted, the “rights” to redeem a coin at face value was done by a random drawing. The demand for this coin has remained strong enough to keep the price a few multiples above its issued face value.

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