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Lustrous coins - not UNC!

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Has anyone not come across coins that seem to be lustrous but when you look at the details you can tell they are not?


I think I have seen this many times on ebay but is it me who has poor eyesight?


I was just trying to ponder this question when I saw a coin which had been placed in a holder (a lustrous copper coin) with "UNC" written on the white card part. To me the coin does not look UNC but about EF (or even VF if I was feeling harsh) and I am just trying to verify if it is only me who sees this sort of thing? :ninja:;) ;)

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I always see this "lustre" on the Wren farthings, on closer inspection they have a purple patina, not very nice!



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Yep, you didn't fall for it. I have seen these kind of coin before. Won't be the first time or the last. The only way to protect yourself is to buy from a reputable source, or use evaluation and common sense. I personally believe that whizzed coins make them a lot less worthy of my collecttion. Worn original coins are more welcome.

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