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US Proofs and Other...

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I have the following to trade...


2004-S Keelboat Nickel (Proof)

2004-S Peace Medal Nickel (Proof)

2004-S Sacagawea Dollar (Proof)

2003-S Kennedy Half (Silver Proof) There is a spot of clouding on it.

1963 Jefferson Nickel (Proof)

2000-S Jefferson Nickel (Proof)

1982-S Lincoln Cent (Proof) some toning

1982-S Jefferson Nickel (Proof)

1 set 2004-D Lewis & Clark Nickels (in mint cello)

1 set 2004-P Lewis & Clark Nickels (in mint cello)


I will trade for things on my various want lists in the WTB forum.


I will be adding more a bit later.

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