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2 Russian gold coins - what do you think?


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Just received my first Russian gold coins - please let me know any unusual details (if any) and what is your opinion on the grade.

Mint marks are АГ on both coins.

Thank you all!


They look genuine to me ... I would also weigh them just in case.


As to grade, it is too hard to tell from these pictures whether or not the 1898 coin would grade AU or only XF. I don't think it would go as high as MS, though. It looks circulated; indeed, it is much tougher to find these earlier years of Nicholas II -- any kind of coin -- in MS condition, than 1902 or later (except for the rare years and MM, of course).


Too bad about the scratches on the 7-1/2 rouble coin. Even without the scratches, I would only give it a VF or low-end XF grade. But I hardly ever see any of this type in better condition. I think it is easier to find 15 roubles in UNC than 7-1/2 roubles, for some reason.

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Both coins are genuine . Low grade, though , choice VF/very-very low XF, at most.

At any rate, the photos are low grade. :ninja:

I think the 1898 coin might grade higher than VF; for the 7-1/2 rouble coin, I agree with your grade.

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