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New St. Gaudens Double Eagles in 2009!!!!!


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I think the united states mint has been doing to many new "collectible" coins lately. As far as I'm concered these coins will most likely gain little value in the market compared to a noncollectors raritys. This is because all coins such as the bicentainials, have never really gained much value over the years. Probally due to the fact the public hoarded these in large numbers and they never really circulated that much. This means there will still be plenty of mint state examples in the future, therefore decrease market value for the coin.

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I agree. All these new series/collector's editions are boring the hell out of people; I think it would have been more effective if we had the State Quarters, did nothing for 5-10 years, did the Pres Dollars, did nothing for 5-10 years, etc.

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