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Error?? Im new, please help!

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Im relatively new to collecting. I recently purchased and "unsearched" lot on ebay of wheat cents so I could fill in the gaps in some albums. I came across a 45D and when I looked at it the D is much father down than all the rest. I checked it against every other 45D I could find (around 30) and no other one was like this. It is at least sits down on the coin at least double the distance all the other ones do. Is this a common error or maybe somthing better!! More than likey its nothing but I thought I would ask.


I will try to upload a pic later on.

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Hi Drduva, welcome to coin people.



Check out the site www.coppercoins.com. (The owner floats in and out of this forum). There is a search feature on there that lets you see every interesting die variety in the lincoln series. I imagine there will be many varieties of 1945-D coins with differently placed mint marks (they used to hand punch the mark back then). You may very well see yours on that site. If you don't, I don't think it's worth a premium unless its extremely far off... like waaay farther than most Ds.


If so, post a pic here, we'd love to see it!

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No premium value and not a variety. The 'varieties' are doubled mintmarks, not mintmarks that are somewhat out of place.


Basically if it's beneath the date, to the right of the vest, and within the rim it's in the right place. That's the Mint's tolerance.


Mintmarks were in many slightly different locations because they were placed into the dies by hand.

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