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Cheap British Coins!!

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Henry III Longcross Penny, circa 1265, Robert on Canterbury, Class Vg. Spink 1373/Cant. In my opinion, aVF with a "shiny" appearance.








George VI Festival of Britain Crown in original box + info slip. £8/$16


Same but no info slip. £7/$14


Same but no slip and battered box. £5/$10 SOLD






Plus Civil War spur buckle and Medieval Seal added to my antiquity section. http://historiccoinage.com/antiquities.aspx


PM me if interested.



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It's always better to get hammered in person, it's just not the same over the internet... ;)


Why not break that trend? :ninja:


Cheers for backing me up Dave, and hammered gold sure is an attraction! ;)

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Sometime when I recover from buying up every Scot coin that ever existed, and sell off some more USA stuff, I intend to buy a nice EF+ Edward III Noble. I have always wanted one.


Well you've certainly bought all of my Scottish coins that existed! :ninja:


Nobles are truly amazing, I'm still waiting for my Henry III Gold penny, must be a slow postal service... ;)

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A fourth page of hammered coins listed along with more supplies and milleds to http://www.historiccoinage.com


The two crowns and penny are still left!

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