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Lincoln steel zinc cents


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Yes, I know the 43 Lincoln cents are not copper.


What I am asking is, do uncirculated steel cents ever have a shiny surface?

Or, do they have the usual uncirculated glow that the coppers have?


I might be answering my own questiong, but I think the steel cents that have

a chrome-like surface are very likely recoated. Is that the main way to tell

the difference between the natural and the recoated?



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You are talking about 'reprocessed' steel cents. Authentic steel cents will dull over time, even uncirculated, plus you should be able to see the flowlines from the original strike. Coating the surface does not require pressure from striking and therefore will not replicate the texture. If the surface is unbearably shiny and you can't see good, or any, flowlines, then it is reprocessed. Even wear on a reprocessed cent will not dampen how shiny it is, as it would on an authentic example.

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