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Silver German 10 mark commemoratives (SOLD)

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I've got a group of 48 German 10 mark silver commemoratives, all now in 2X2s. Some are unc./BU, some are proofs. These were stored together and while some were in cases, others were not, resulting in some with small marks. These coins each have .3115 oz. ASW. $410.00 for the lot includes shipping to US addresses.



1972 Munich Olympics-Athletes Kneeling (have 4 - all mints)

1972 Munich Olympics-Schleife (have 2-one proof, the other BU)

1972 Munich Olympics-Stadium (have 5 from 4 mints)

1987 European Unity (have 3)

1987 750th Anniversary-Berlin, proof (have 5)

1988 200th Anniversary-Birth of Arthur Schopenhauer, proof (have 3)

1988 100th Anniversary-Death of Karl Zeiss (have 3)

1989 800th Year-Port of Hamburg (have 4)

1989 2000th Anniversary-City of Bonn

1989 40th Anniversary-Republic,proof (have 4)

1990 800th Anniversary-The Teutonic Order, proof (have 2)

1990 Death of Kaiser Friedrich Barbarossa, proof (have 3)

1991 German Unity-Brandenburg Gate

1992 Kathe Kollwitz

1992 Civil Pour-le-Merite Order

1993 1000th Anniversary-Potsdam

1995 Wilhelm Konrad Rotgen, proof

1996 Kolpingwerk

1998 300th Anniversary-Peace of Westphalia, proof (have 2)

1998 900th Birthday of Hidegard von Bingen, proof

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