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note storage question

slowly but surely

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Hi guys!


I don't really collect notes, but over time some have trickled and I suppose it's time for me to figure out some sort of more permanent storage plan.


Do you have a favorite way to store and display a mix of world note (all small sized so far)?


I saw one little booklet that holds 10 notes:



I could get a few of those or something larger (50-100).


Or would you just recommend vinyl pages?



If you use the vinyl, and remember these are NOT valuable notes, would you put the note directly in the vinyl page or should it first go in some sort of sleeve?


Or just in a sleeve and tossed in a box etc.?



Well, sorry for my lack a clue - thanks for reading!

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I have been trying to do this same thing, but I would prefer to put the notes in a sleeve first. What I would like, is to find a somewhat rigid sleeve (mylar-d?) and then put them into the pages. Then, if I wanted to add a new note (and thus rearrange) I could.


It sounds like these pages are safe and will hold a sleeve. Is that the case?

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I normally buy the pages off of ebay, but there are online sites that also sell them. Just do a google search.


As for the sleeves, i'm not sure, but any online coin shop should have them. You can also try ebay.


I don't use the sleeves, so I can't recommend any place.

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You can also use 4x6 photo pages from your local office supply place..... I use ones made by Avery. They run about 3 to 4 dollars for a pack of 10 sheets. Each one holds 2 notes... They are archival safe, acid free, and contain no PVC....

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