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Anybody seen this medal before?

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Earthquake_Medal.2_jpg.jpgEarthquake_Medal.jpg 943427.jpg This medal is dual dated 8th/18th september 1692 for julian and gregorian calender. On that day the largest earthquake in northwestern Europe occurred, centered in what was the then part of the Netherlands now Belgium, near Verviers. It measured 6.5. It was felt in Germany, France and England. Atlas is depicted with a cracked earth on his shoulders (perhaps by St Michael Mount. The other side shows a city with a fortress that is cracked from top to bottom and a lone soldier. The inscription in latin spread over both sides is from Horace and means " though the heavens fall around he stands unmoved". The latin Ter Mot would seem to mean earth moves. If anybody has any info on this medal I would be most happy to hear it.

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