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Silly little project

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I don't collect banknotes, but I do enjoy looking at many of the nice ones that get posted here. It was with particular interest that I looked at this one (I can't remember who first posted it):


So much so that I bought one (very inexpensive). As I recall, we had a thread about that portrait and just what that young girl's expression was communicating. I think it is absolutely full of intrigue and I got it in my head that it would make a nice picture. So, without too much in the way of scanning and pshop skills, I finally got around to making this:


Looks great on the wall :ninja:

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I believe it was quite possibly myself that posted the original image of the note. I have collected notes with attractive feminine vignettes for a few years now and have them paged here:


Attractive Females on Banknotes


The Czech note is a stunner, one because of the portrait, but also the use of very vibrant colouring. This note was only circulated for 4 years between 1949-1953 when they were all demonetized and replaced with money printed by Goznak in the USSR.


PS I need to update the site with several new Dutch and Portuguese notes that I have acquired since then.

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Don't know if it's just me but doesn't she look a little ticked off about something. Sort of like she is thinking if I don't get enough money for this someone is going to be sorry.



I thought that too when I originally posted the note back in 2005 or so. Perhaps it was because her country was getting the shaft by the commie losers from Russia.

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That's pretty neat. There was another thread on a different forum where someone was asking about people turning pictures of their currency into art. You did it very nicely and what a lovely lady.


Fun project and has sparked some ideas :ninja:

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