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Customisation idea

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Had this idea in another post but was sent here instead..


"I'd really like a sort of profile page, that users can customise before the normal list of their latest coins. I would like to have things like


Favorate coin - User selectable for their favorate coin

Rarest coin - User selectable for an uncommon coin

Oldest coin - Selected by oldest date

Latest coin - The last coin added



Also perhaps a box with some brief selectable details of what/how the user collects.


Region of intest : European / North American / All World

Time period : Modern / 19th / 16th / Ancient / All years

How I collect : Buying / Passively / Seeking / Trading




I just think it would allow the user to showcase the jewels of their collection, and also allow them to reflect their collection better."

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Thanks for posting your suggestions. I have a long list of improvement that I'd like to add to the site when I'll have some free time. This list includes coin sets and I will add your suggestions.


In the mean time you can use "About Me" section for region of interest, collecting theme, etc.

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