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WWII coins


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I have already posted a similar question on the Coneca forum, but thought I would ask it here also.


I have searched this forum and way too many other sites to find pictures and good descriptions of the WWII, and later, 'Brass' Lincoln cents.


Does anyone out there have any pictures of these particular Lincolns they could share?

Does anyone have any in their collection and can take photographs to share?


I think I might have found some of these Lincolns, but try as I might I cannot really tell the difference in the sound the coins make when dropped on a wooden surface from a certain distance. The sound is not like the difference between silver coins and clad coins, I understand it is a great deal more subtle.


Thanks for reading this.



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the metal composition between those and those before and after are not really that different to be honest so dropping one wont give you a different sound like a silver quarter and a clad quarter would. this is from wikipedia.org:


History of composition


Further information: Lincoln cent


Years Material

1793–1837 copper

1837–1857 bronze (95% copper, 5% tin and zinc)

1857–1864 87.5% copper, 12.5% nickel (also known as NS-12)

1864–1942 bronze (95% copper, 5% tin and zinc)

1943 zinc-coated steel

1944–1946 brass (95% copper, 5% zinc)

1946–1962 bronze (95% copper, 5% tin and zinc)

1962–1982 brass (95% copper, 5% zinc)

1982– present 97.5% zinc core, 2.5% copper plating


as you can see you're still dealing with 95% copper from 1864 to 1982, 1943 being the exception obviously.

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The only cents that were special during that era were from 1943-1946. 1909-1942 and 1947-1982 were standard cents. As everyone knows, 1943 cents are zinc plated steel and are therefore "silver" in color.


The cents from 1944-1946 were made from metal which had been used in the war. Specifically, spent brass casings from ammunition was melted down for them. Because of this, the coins contained tin. Uncirculated examples are said to be slightly more yellowish in tint than a standard bronze cent. Unfortunately, I don't have a unc example to post. However, all Lincoln cents made from 1944-1946 are brass cents.

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Thank you for answering my query about the WWII brass cents.


Some of the cents I have found in my searches are quite different in color. I have just about any color of yellow, orange, or red uncirculated cents you can imagine in my album. Actually a page looks quite stunning with all these hues.

Now I know more about the WWII cents than I think I could have found in many more hours of searching.


Thank you Coin People people!



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