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Westfriesland coins minted in Enkhuizen

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I'm searching for duits (domestic & VOC), bezemstuivers & 2 stuivers minted in the Westfriesland town of Enkhuizen, 1732-1741. They bear the turnip mintmaster's mark.


Fine or better, as long as the turnips look reasonably fresh for their age. :ninja:


Thanks for looking.

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I don't know enough about the duits yet but I hope you find what you are looking for. The duits and the other types you mentioned are fairly rare and must make for a very interesting area to collect.



Thanks. Yes, there are lots of rare years/varieties, so it's a good thing I'm not aiming for a complete set. I've run across a few 1739 duits; there were over 2 million minted (using 93 die pairs) after a severe shortage. The other denominations might take a while to track down.

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