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A little background on me, I don't really consider myself a "coin collector" although I have collected off and on since I was a kid. Nothing big just coins that I have come across. Anyway I resently found part of my collection that had been lost for a number of years and thats why I'm here. Some of the coins I have NO CLUE what they are and so I thought I'd take some pictures and maybe someone here can help me figure out what they are. I'm really a sports card collector, Hockey for the most part. I buy and sell on eBay and have been a member there since 2002 as well as on Beckett. I live an hour outside of Ottawa Ontario Canada and am semi retired. Anyway thats about it, I'll post at least one picture of a coin that I have taken a picture of (back & front) as soon as I figure out how to. I just signed up so I might wait till tomorrow........... Thanks in advance for any help you have to offer.............Till tomorrow ... Tom

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