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1762 kopeck


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Why are there only 9 known. Are they patterns?




I don't know how many were made, but this was all a part of an economic reform that never happened (all about equating 16 puds of copper to 1 silver ruble instead of 32 puds). The reform was rolled back and most of the coins struck were recalled and reminted into Catherine the Great types. So we don't have many left.


BTW, this is of the top of my head, so I probably got lots of things wrong, but that's the gist of it.

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Usually most of the overstrucked kopeks as far as I can remember right were overstrucked supposely to dengas. Even saying that, I honestly don't quite remember seeing that many overstruck Paul III kopeks - there weren't that many around in the first place!


Steve, still remembered the 1795MM kopek that I have? :ninja:



I agree, both surviving and overstruck, I've mostly seen 4 and 10 kopeeks. 2 are sometimes seen, I don't recall spotting any 1 kop aka Dengas, myself. Maybe just difficult to see them because of the size, but I would guess that this was not a popular denomination. I would also guess that the tens of millions (if not 100's of millions) of 1730 to 50's type dengas were still floating around in circulation, so the government did not want to introduce more coins of almost the same size/value?


Or maybe overstriking small coins did not work out so they just melted them. But it worked on moscow (cross) kopeek to polushka conversion, so?... I should go and read some Uzdenikov ;)

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You're welcome. :ninja: I just wrote a paper on the copper of Peter III (submitted to JRNS). There are only nine different Peter III 1-Kopecks known to me, and one is coming up for sale in Russia with an $80,000 estimate.




Well...it looks like they were getting a little ahead of themselves. It didn't sell.

Auction 49 closed yesterday. Lot 116 ($72,000 - $88,000 estimate) (unsold).


http://www.numismat.ru/cgi-bin/auction.cgi (see Auction 49)


This is the exact same coin that sold for $3600 in 2002.



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