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Sac Clip. Finally posting it. Sorry.

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Hey guys, been REAL crazy around here lately. WAY too much drama! But any way. If I got space to upload te pics I will. and they should be in this message if II have enough room to post them. This is in all honesty my most favorite error coin that isn't a variety!



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dang I guess my pics are too good of quality.......I'll have to start saving them alot smaller to make them fit in the posts. The reverse looks just a s good too I think. Would show you guys, but my images are too big appearantly.


Sorry guys.

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Thank you guys for all your kudos. ;) Very much appreciated. ;):ninja:


As for where I got this coin....since I am from the south, i have to tell a long story to get to a short point....lol But anyways, here goes....


...A former WWII navy gentleman whom I have had the luxury of meeting at a gun show, is an error/variety coin fanatic, like I. :lol: Well, he and I started talking and I ended up not even traversing beyond his table. I was in awe at seeeing some of the varieties I have only seen in books. I even went back the next day at went straight away to his table and he and I chatted it up some more, andbefore the day was done, I had bought about 100 dollars of his coins and got his phone # and mailing address. Well, before it was time for another coin show here in town, he called me up and asked if it was feesable for him to stay here at my house, instead of a motel, and that he would compensate me for the staying here at my house. The day was now sunday and he asked me what did I want for compensation for the stay, coins or actual money. Well I asked for coins instead. That's when he popped out that sac and said, you oggled this one quite a bit yesterday, how would this work out for ya? I said DEAL! He was happy and I was happy. But, he acquired that particular coin from a coin dealer opening sac rolls looking for mules, and my friend asked the dealer what he wanted for that coin (the double clip). The dealer said $10. And my friend bought it straight away. Well, now that it had travelled all that way to get to me. I now have had the luxury of discovering that the coin is well worth $200-$300 according to Fred Whienberg's site. :cry: But though, I still like to look at her, so, she wont be up for sale any time soon. lol


Whew, now there is the story of my double clipped sac. LOL Think I got metacarpal damage from all that typing. LOL

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