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Tell us how you just spent your $1 US coins and how people reacted

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Paid for my film development with Presidential dollars yesterday. The girl asked if I really wanted to spend them. She was shocked when I told her there were billions of them and that you can get them at the bank.

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I spent about 19 of them a couple of weekends ago. Then spent 10 yesterday in the self checkout. I really should have spent just a $20 bill, but I ended up using the coins first and then the $20 bill so I would get a $5 bill back in change. That's the first time I've used one of those machines in this manner and I felt bad. ;) I thought I might confuse the poor accountants who look at those machines! :ninja:

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I cracked open a roll of GW $1 coins, grabbed a handful of Kennedy halfs, and went to my local breakfast place this morning. The corned beef hash was awful, but at least it wasn't cheap. I plunked down a stack of 8 shiny dollars and a separate stack of 4 halfs. The cashier was a friendly but shy young guy who spoke very little English. He took one look at the stacks and burst into delighted laughter. I'm not talking mild chuckle -- he was almost guffawing.


"Do you get many half dollars?" I asked him.


"It does look kinda funny, doesn't it?"


So I started laughing too. He carefully counted the dollars, put them aside, and cradled the halfs in the palm of his hand.

"Um... You gave me eight dollars?"

"No, those are 50 cents. Four of them, so that's $2 in your hand."

"OH! Hahahahahahaha!!!!!"

He gave me back my dime in change, and I left, taking one last look at the counter, where he was beaming back at me.


That was fun. Next time, I might pull the dollars out of my Count Chocula coin purse.

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I have a wad of $2 bills that I have been peeling off of to buy things around town. Today in the Asian grocery store I spent four of them for some stuff for dinner tonight. The lady was excited about getting them, and then she opened the register and showed me the Prexibux she had gotten earlier, she actually liked them. :ninja:

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