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awesome world coin or odd mini-golf token?

slowly but surely

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I found this in a horde of world coins my mom gave me. It is the only coin/token I couldn't identify.


It has no writing on it whatsoever, which would lead me to believe it is not a coin.


Other useful information:


We did take a family trip to the middle east a while back and this was with other coins from that trip, including an Egyptian coin that had a fairly similar image on the reverse.


The head seems to be wearing a turban?


The castle looks fairly Islamic?


It is an octagon.


There were two mini-golf tokens mixed into the horde, but they were your standard round, gold colored, in English tokens.





What do you think? Coin? Something else? It's killing me that out of the entire batch I can't pin this one down.


Thanks in advance!!!

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I've seen one before on this forum and think that they are some token given out at a shop or a leisure park as you suggest.


Good luck!



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