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Reformation Medals

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Hello bobking08,


if you are interested in reformation medals you need the auction catalogue of Spink & Son of 19th and 20 th April 1983.

This is the auction, in which the collection of Prof. Robert B. Whiting has been sold. You probably have it???

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Those are great looking medals! Thanks for the heads up on the Whiting catalog. I am familiar with it. In fact, I have scores of old auction catalogs, books, and exhibition catalogs that contain Reformation medals. My collection primarily focuses on John Calvin. I have around 60 medals of Calvin and around another 100 medals related to the Reformation and other Protestant themes. If you're bored one day, take a look at a catalog of Calvin medals that a buddy of mine and I put together: www.calviniana.com.


Here are a few of my favorite Calvin medals (if I can upload them correctly... I'm new to this forum):









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Hello Bobking08,


I have just had a look at your catalogue on Calvin medals. This is very nice and interesting. I have red some useful information on your catalogue.


Do you know the medal enclosed, which has been issued on the 400 year celebration on the university of Geneve?



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